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Find your true self – organize your life
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Life support and counseling – to successfully accomplish your daily tasks.

Method: Christian (human) approach.

Essence: Preservation and work on the rehabilitation of psychological and physical health, along with some other humanistic disciplines that we are good at – holism.

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work method christian human approach

Work method: Christian (human) approach

to use
your potentials?

Helping you how to discover and use your potential / gifts / what’s given to you from God – in the best possible way (optimally).


Together we are discovering what should be improved, setting goals (that we discovered based on a detailed analysis) and working on improving yourself.


Working without condemnation, because we are all sinful.
Gradual work – it can not all be done at once.
We are finding out how to correct in the best way/optimally – what isn’t done well, working on preventing the repetition of that, and looking how to maintain the high level of what has already been done well.

Getting directly applicable knowledge

The essence is to obtain the knowledge you can directly apply in your life onward and to make your life easier and better.

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Spark of humanity

For each cent you invest in us, a certain part goes to families with five or more children. We indirectly influence the crucial problem of our environment – a rapid decline in birth rates.

Areas of work

You can reach a more detailed clarification of specific area of work, by clicking on one of the pictures.

1. Supporting your spiritual (psychical) life
2. Supporting your physical life (body)
3. Transfer of knowledge – Teaching – Instructor

About me

“Editor in chief” of the  project Volume up the Love, I can’t hear you, and primarily man of his word – is Dusan Popovic /Dushan Popovitsh/. Below you can see:

My life till today
Acknowledgments, certificates and diplomas
Others about me.

dusan popovic

“I do understand something about psychology, but about people I know a bunch.”

My life till today

The guy from Belgrade (Serbia), originating from Zabljak (Durmitor, Montenegro), graduated from “Gavrilo Princip” elementary school in Zemun and Zemun high school (gymnasium). Then, at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FON) of Belgrade University, he graduates from the organization and management (Bachelor of Science), graduating on a statistical and psychological approach, after which he educates himself on master program related to e-business and social sciences (Master of Science). He was a scholarship holder of the Republic of Serbia in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, while in 2013 and 2014 he was among the best students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

He found himself in Orthodoxy, during his growing up – in spare time he is interested in the Christian theology.

Dusan has successfully accomplished instructive course for the coach in Assertive communication (conscientious, self-conscious and self-confident) at Psihopolis Institute for education and counseling,
certified for Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT Practitioner).

He has worked in organizations for professional training and coaching, in sales and commerce, project organizations, in the IT sector and on the stock market.

Dusan speaks fluently Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian, English and Spanish language, while he is more or less familiar with Russian, Bulgarian and German language.

He has entered into this project with one and only desire: <to help those who truly need it>.

I just know the people – it’s a gift.Mick Dundee

Acknowledgments, certificates and diplomas

Below acknowledgment is its description. By clicking on one of them, you can see it entirely.

More about: LinkedIn profile

Acknowledgments, diplomas and certificates

Below acknowledgment is its description. By clicking on one of them, you can see it entirely.

More about: LinkedIn profile

Others about me

Dusan has an exceptional power of reasoning, needs a very short time to figure out what kind of person you are (and what you should do to make yourself better and more successful), knows how to listen and comfort when needed, along with his extraordinary way to transfer knowledge which he certainly has, and believe me – it’s not a bit.
Ilija P. – Business Consultant & Master Engineer of Organizational Sciences

Dusan is the man of today, and yet he cares very much about some of the values that have lost importance nowadays: dedicated companionship, family values, honor, honesty, and in the first place modesty. In addition, he is very organized and precise, as far as this can be said for someone who’s living in this “a little bit crazy” time.
So, if you have arranged something – expect him to do everything that’s in his power to complete it.
Dr. Jovan K. – Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FON)

Dusan performed admirably throughout the both undergraduate and graduate studies. He is hard-working and committed to performing at the top of his level (focused on the task he is performing). It was a pleasure to cooperate with him.
Dr. Veljko J. – Associate Professor at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FON)

Dusan is a man of a joyful spirit (with positive attitude towards life), who shows the desire for learning and development. He stands out with his effort and persistence.
Also, he has exceptional team capabilities and works well in the team (cooperation). I do believe he will contribute positively to every team and the success of the company.
Dragan Dj. – Director of the Company for Professional Training and Coaching

It was a real pleasure to work with Dusan. He has shown wide knowledge in the field of information technology. He also learns very easily and quickly, and successfully applies that in solving of a complex and unstructured problems. Further more, Dusan is extremely dedicated to the job he is doing. He is responsible and thorough in his own work, but also a real team player. I’m sure that Dusan is going to have a great career and I hope that we will have a chance to cooperate again.
Vladimir G. – Business Consultant Senior, Head of the Company’s Department

Source: LinkedIn profile

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Online counseling

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Counseling via the Internet

– Skype application –
we are not
location-limited 🙂

For all work areas that do not require physical presence (such as various types of counseling and support), we can hear and see each other online 🙂

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Using modern technology, we are at disposal 24 hours a day.
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