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    Skiing and roller-skating lessons – Instructor

– ski instructor –

What makes me competent to be your ski instructor?
Skiing from the age of 7.
Originating from the mountain region.
From the skiing family. In our family, it is somehow supposed that you know how to ski, and in time – that you know how to ski well 🙂
• Since December this year, a ski instructor.
Destinations: Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Durmitor or some other mutual agreed place.
• I received the recognition of the following skills: Transfer of knowledge, Communication, Presentation skills.
• And probably the most important thing – the work method: Christian (human) approach.

From the spring, there is of course roller-skating as the natural substitute for skiing in the winter period, and well-known Zemun and Sava riversides (quays) as places of gathering for sports of this kind.

Some photos from the snow…

By clicking on a photo, you can see it entirely.



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