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Knowing the skills of communication is the key to gaining self-confidence, and finally the key to success in life!

With completed courses for Successful presentation leadership, Communication skills and Work with difficult people, and successfully accomplished instructive course for the coach in Assertive communication (conscientious, self-conscious and self-confident) at Psihopolis Institute for education and counseling, certified for Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT Practitioner), Bachelor and Master studies at FON, work experience in several different fields and recommendations on my skills of teaching, knowledge transfer, and other skills in my skill set that you can find by following the link to the home pagedon’t be worried – there will be “something for everyone” on a wide field of communication.

In addition to this, inevitably there is an increase in self-confidence and motivational training, but more about this in the part that follows.. and do not hesitate to ask the question of any type – we are here to help.

And in case that any one of us (you or I) isn’t living in the same town or even in the same part of the world, it is not an obstacle at all – we can hear and see each other online.

Communication problems
Lack of self-confidence
Life crises, dilemmas and losses
Anxiety, depression, worries and fears
Problems in young adulthood
Partner relations, crises, dilemmas and divorce

If you think you should work on improving your own life, and you have figured it out with yourself – you are on the right place!


Work area Supporting your spiritual (psychical) life consists of 4 separate parts (explained below):

1. General part (optimal work method)
2. Communication
3. Psychological support and counseling
4. Business consulting (optimal resource management)

The other two areas of work can be found by following the link to our home page.