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    Nutrition – Disease prevention – Natural weight loss

Since I felt that all people were different from one another, I did not think it was logical that they should eat the same food. It became clear to me that the only true way to maintain health or cure illness was to adapt to that individual needs of a person, because each person is characterized in a unique body with different strengths, weaknesses and nutritional requirements.

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Key: blood type
Plan of your blood type

Key: blood type

Blood is the force of nature, the basis of a life’s verve, that is holding us ever since we are started to exist. A single drop of blood, too small to see with the naked eye, contains the entire  genetic code of a human being. Our blood contains aeons of genetic memory – the particles (“bits“, speaking in computer terms) of specific programming, which is transmitted from our ancestors in codes, that we are still trying to understand.
Your blood type is the key to your body’s entire immune system. It controls the influence of viruses, bacteria, infections, chemical substances, stress and the entire set of harmful factors and effects that might endanger your immune system.

It was found that different types of food agglutinate (attach) the cells of certain blood types (thereby reducing the immunity and speed of metabolism of these individuals). This further means that foods that may be harmful to the cells of one blood type – may be useful for other blood type cells. This discovery has provided the scientifically based link between blood type and diet. When long precipitated food, which is not suitable for a person of a particular blood type, once placed in the body, it literally shows a magnetic effect on the cells in that area. It accumulates cells in mass and they are targeted for destruction. This accumulation can cause irritable bowel syndrome in the intestines, cirrhosis of the liver, or block the flow of blood through the kidneys, which are just some of the effects.

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Plan of your blood type

The plan of your blood type includes:
1. Nutrition regime: food (not) suitable for your blood type, meal planning, and also a weight loss factor (if it is found to be relevant in your case)
2. Advices for nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals and herbal preparations)
3. Profile of stress and exercises for relief, that are suitable for your blood type
4. The tendency of your blood type to character traits, with professional counseling how to work on their improvement

Should you respect our agreed plan of your blood type, you will be able to achieve the following visible and easily measurable benefits:
• avoid many common viruses and infections
lose weight (if necessary) – natural diet /reducing/
• your body will get rid of harmful substances for your health (toxins)
fight back against life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver failure, etc.
• provide yourself with an optimal way to avoid many of the factors that cause rapid cell deterioration – which leads to the symptoms of ageing

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If you think you should work on improving your own life, and you have figured it out with yourself – you are on the right place!


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