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Since I felt that all people were different from one another, I did not think it was logical that they should eat the same food. It became clear to me that the only true way to maintain health or cure illness was to adapt to that individual needs of a person, because each person is characterized in a unique body with different strengths, weaknesses and nutritional requirements.

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Key: blood type
Chrono nutrition
Overuse the medications among children and adults
How to beat disease
CANCER: The fight to heal
Plan of your blood type

Key: blood type

Blood is the force of nature, the basis of a life’s verve, that is holding us ever since we are started to exist. A single drop of blood, too small to see with the naked eye, contains the entire  genetic code of a human being. Our blood contains aeons of genetic memory – the particles (“bits“, speaking in computer terms) of specific programming, which is transmitted from our ancestors in codes, that we are still trying to understand.
Your blood type is the key to your body’s entire immune system. It controls the influence of viruses, bacteria, infections, chemical substances, stress and the entire set of harmful factors and effects that might endanger your immune system.

Blood group diversity

It was found that different types of food agglutinate (attach) the cells of certain blood types (thereby reducing the immunity and speed of metabolism of these individuals). This further means that foods that may be harmful to the cells of one blood type – may be useful for other blood type cells. This discovery has provided the scientifically based link between blood type and diet. When long precipitated food, which is not suitable for a person of a particular blood type, once placed in the body, it literally shows a magnetic effect on the cells in that area. It accumulates cells in mass and they are targeted for destruction. This accumulation can cause irritable bowel syndrome in the intestines, cirrhosis of the liver, or block the flow of blood through the kidneys, which are just some of the effects.

Chrono nutrition

People with hypoglycaemia (severe drop in blood sugar after eating a meal) often ask me if they can stop that if they follow the usual rule to eat more frequent but smaller meals during the day. I discourage them from this kind of diet. I found that the main problem is what you eat, not when you eat it (chrono nutrition).
Certain food lower the blood sugar level, especially for blood type B persons. If you eliminate such food and start with proper nutrition for your blood type, the blood sugar level will remain normal even after the meal. The biggest problem that occurs when consuming several small meals during the day is to interfere with your natural, body hunger signals.

dr peter d adamo nutritionist nutrition dietDr. Peter D’Adamo -

Overuse the medications among children and adults

Today doctors over-prescribe medications, and we overuse them. It’s a serious problem.

Let us also keep medication in perspective: all drugs are poisons. The good drugs that man has discovered over the centuries are selective poisons. Many others are broader, less-selective poisons. An excellent example of the latter is the diffuse arsenal of drugs used by oncologists for chemotherapy. In the process of destroying cancerous cells, many of these drugs indiscriminately attack healthy cells as well.

The good news is that chemotherapy sometimes works, but the bad is that the patient sometimes dies of complications related to the treatment. It’s a terrible conundrum nowadays.

Modern science has presented the medical community with a bewildering array of medications that are being prescribed worldwide by well-meaning doctors. But have we been careful enough in our use of antibiotics and vaccines? How do you know which medications are best for you, for your family, for your children? Again, blood type holds the answer.

Sore throat and Ear infections

Sore throat often has the additional symptoms of nasal discharge, cough, earaches, white or yellow patches on the back of the throat and a rash which starts on the neck and chest and spreads to the abdomen and extremities. The standard treatment includes antibiotics, bed rest and aspirin and fluids for aches and fever. The focus is on treating the immediate infection, not on solving the larger and more long-term health issues. The standard therapy is ineffective, especially when your child suffers repeat infections.

The conventional protocol for infections is antibiotic therapy. But it obviously fails when there is a chronic infection. If we attack the underlying causes of the problem first instead of trotting out the most currently fashionable nostrum – and by this I mean the ever more sophisticated and newest classes of antibiotics – we have an opportunity to allow the body to mount its own powerful response. For starters, it is helpful to know the blood type susceptibilities.

Many parents have grown frustrated by the increasing inability of antibiotics to work on sore throat and ear infections. There is a reason why this happens. A first infection is typically treated with a mild antibiotic such as Amoxicillin. With the child’s next infection, Amoxicillin is given again. Eventually, the ever more resistant infection returns, and AMOXICILLIN is no longer effective. The escalation phenomenon – the process of using stronger and stronger drugs and ever more invasive treatments – has begun.

Cause and effect

When treating chronic infections, the focus is on ways to prevent recurrences. It is useless to try and resolve one episode with a quick dose of antibiotics when you know another infection is warming up within.

Perhaps as many as four out of every ten children under the age of six have chronic ear infections. By chronic, I mean five, ten, fifteen, even twenty infections every winter season, one after the other. Most of these children have allergies to both environmental and food-based particles. The best solution is the blood type diet.

There are many children in my practice, representing all blood types. It is found that any child can contract chronic ear infections if he eats foods that react poorly in his system. I have never seen a case where there wasn’t an obvious connection to a child’s favourite food.

Dietary changes are often difficult in households with children who suffer repeated ear infections. Their misery often tempts the anxious parent to let them eat whatever they wish, thinking that it will comfort the child. Many of these kids wind up being picky eaters, eating only a very narrow range of foods, and often the very foods that are provoking the child’s illness.

How to beat disease

EVERYONE WHO GETS sick wants to know ‘Why me?’ Despite our enormous technological advances, we often have no certain answer to that question.

It has become clear, however, that there are individuals who are more prone to certain diseases because of their blood type. Perhaps this is the missing link–the way we can understand the cellular causes of disease, and devise more effective ways to combat and eliminate it.

Why some people are susceptible and some are not?

Can you remember being young and having a close friend who wanted you to do something that you were reluctant to do? Take a puff of a forbidden cigarette? Sneak a drink of whisky from your father’s drinks cabinet? Did you take that puff? Drink that whisky? If you did, you demonstrated your susceptibility–your lack of resistance–to the suggestion of a friend.

Susceptibility, or lack of resistance, is the basic issue with most disease. Many microbes have the ability to mimic the antigens which are considered friendly by the security force of a particular blood type. These clever mimics bypass the security guards and gain entry. Once in the system, they quickly overwhelm it and take control.

Don’t you ever wonder why one person stays perfectly healthy while everyone else is falling prey to the latest cold or flu? It is because the healthy person’s blood type is not susceptible to those particular invaders.

CANCER: The fight to heal

I EXPERIENCE A PARTICULAR SURGE of passion whenever I examine the healing connection between blood type and cancer. My mother died of breast cancer 10 years ago, after an agonizing experience. My mother was a wonderful woman, whose simple Spanish values guarded us all against any pretence or pomp. She was an anomaly in our family – a Type A who ate what she chose to eat. She had the notorious Corsican strong will. In her house (my parents were divorced), she served a basic Mediterranean diet of meats and salads and some processed foods. In spite of my father’s blood type work, there wasn’t a soya bean in sight when we stayed with Mother.

Anyone who has seen a family member or friend engage in a valiant but ultimately fruitless struggle against cancer, knows that there is nothing quite so heartbreaking. Watching my mother as she went from mastectomy to chemotherapy, from a brief remission to recurrence, I could almost visualize the armies of invisible invaders, stealing their way into her healthy cells and gaining a strong foothold before sweeping through her immune system like barbarians waging a surprise attack. In the end, nothing could be done to stop them. They unfortunately won.

Blood group diversity and cancer

Does cancer find an inherently more fertile ground to grow and develop in the body of one blood type than in another?
The answer is a certain YES.

There is undeniable evidence that persons with Type A or Type AB blood have an overall higher rate of cancer and poorer odds of survival than Type O and Type B. Actually, as early as the 1940s, the American Medical Association stated that Type AB had the greatest rate of cancer of all the blood types, but the news didn’t make headlines, probably because Type ABs constitute such a low percentage of the population. Statistically, their high cancer rate didn’t cause the same kind of alarm as the information about the more common Type A. But from a personal standpoint, that’s surely of little comfort to the individuals with Type AB blood. Researchers may treat cancer like a numbers game; I prefer to treat it as a personal crisis in the life of a single individual. Type O and Type B show a much lower incidence of cancer, but we don’t yet have enough information to say exactly why that is. There are important clues we can explore, however, in the antigen and antibody activity of the different blood types. The blood type – cancer connection is highly complex and in many ways mysterious. Be clear that being Type AB or Type A doesn’t mean that it’s certain or even likely that you personally are going to get cancer, any more than being Type O or Type B means you’ll be absolutely spared.

dr peter d adamo nutritionist nutrition dietdr Peter D’Adamo -

Plan of your blood type

The plan of your blood type includes:
1. Nutrition regime: food (not) suitable for your blood type, meal planning, and also a weight loss factor (if it is found to be relevant in your case)
2. Advices for nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals and herbal preparations)
3. Profile of stress and exercises for relief, that are suitable for your blood type
4. The tendency of your blood type to character traits, with professional counseling how to work on their improvement

Visible (real) improvements

Should you respect our agreed plan of your blood type, you will be able to achieve the following visible and easily measurable benefits:
• avoid many common viruses and infections
lose weight (if necessary) – natural diet /reducing/
• your body will get rid of harmful substances for your health (toxins)
fight back against life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver failure, etc.
• provide yourself with an optimal way to avoid many of the factors that cause rapid cell deterioration – which leads to the symptoms of ageing

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If you think you should work on improving your own life, and you have figured it out with yourself – you are on the right place!


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