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    Types of harmful radiation (positive – negative)

According to the opinion of the long-standing radiesthesist Dusan Kovacevic (myself proudly being his student), there are 5 types of harmful radiation (or, as he calls them „negative energy„) affecting all living beings, including the human organism:

1. Cosmic radiation. An example of natural radiation of this type is magnetic borax, which in people suffering from meteoropathy, as well as other types of sensitivity, leads to nervous tension and other health problems. An example of unnatural radiation of this type is spot-on concerning our country and each one of us. From the cosmos, some regions of the world, including Serbia, are exposed to the technical radiation of the device from the universe. For example, Balkan region, since Tito’s death, is extremely deeply recorded and radiated due to geopolitical, economic, and military reasons with powerful devices on orbital and geostationary satellites. It is a concentrated beam of waves (like a radar beam), so that, as Dusan Kovacevic says, those regions are basically exposed to a low intensity X-ray radiation, 24 hours a day.

2. Geographical or geopathogenic radiation. This includes all large quantities of water (especially below the surface level of the earth): underground water currents, ores, caves, pits, cracks, districts (incompact soil) – all of which are the natural radiation of this type. The radiation of groundwater creates magnetism and frequency, which is usually less than 20 Hz, and all frequencies less than 20 Hz are not felt by the senses of hearing. It has been scientifically proven that all frequencies below 100 Hz are harmful to our organism, especially those in the range 1-8 Hz.

British scientists have studied the effect of a frequency of 17 Hz on the human organism. They have proven that exposure to this frequency, even if It’s only for a few hours, induces the following effects: difficulty (distress), severe sorrow (depression), nervousness, tension, tingling in the body. It is known that pregnant women are not advised to fly by plane because they create a frequency of 5-10 Hz, which can cause an abortion. It is also known that pilots of German company Lufthansa carry negative neutralizers, while (for comparison purposes) – in most countries these devices are considered as relics of superstition. Unnatural radiation of this type occurs if the building is built on some cemetery, the Holy Place (church, monastery, mosque), or a place of violent death (murder and suicide).

geopathogenic harmful radiation positive negative energy environment influence
The influence of geopathogenic harmful radiation to the environment

While in the previous two types of harmful radiation the causer could be nature (natural radiation), the other three types of harmful radiation originate exclusively from sources that are the work of “human hands” (unnatural radiation).

Unnatural harmful radiation

3. Technical radiation. Nowadays most likely the biggest source of harmful radiation. They are literally the electric beams emitted by devices that serve us (popularly called “electrosmog“): computers, mobile phones (cellphones), Wi-Fi devices (perhaps one of the biggest causer of harmful radiation to which the source is indoors, and without whom, work on the computer and mobile it would be practically impossible today)… Your children, and often even you, keep these devices in the lap or very close to it (among men – testicles, and among women – ovaries): the organs that are in responsible for extending our species, for fertility.
Then, there are external sources of harmful radiation, such as substations, power lines and possibly (if not quite surely) the most damaging – electronic repeaters. There are countless examples where the repeater was first placed (or some less harmful device for the human organism), and then came a disease.

4. Social-pathogenic radiation. These are the radiations of the human brain or positive/negative thoughts (tension, poor relationships between people). Each brain radiates and all human brains are connected into the network just like computers over the Internet. Therefore is a “synchronicity“. Scientifically: “the correspondence of two events connected with meaning, but in an unexpected way”, and commonly explained, for example, there are a countless times that we think about somebody, and he or she calls us by phone at that precise moment. Simply, our brains were at the same frequency. Through the good thoughts, we can make a person happy, and through the bad ones, we can make him unfortunate – in one way or another.
What would have our wise and blessing father Tadej (Vitovnicki) said: “What kind of thoughts you have, that kind of life you live.”

5. Abstract radiation (commonly known as „magic“). We are reluctant to talk about abstract energy or magic. However, as Dusan Kovacevic says, it does exist, and it is an extremely large negative energy and it exist since it has a human race. Many people as well as animals and objects are victims of sending of these large amounts of negative energy that “blocks” and it is created by other people with their thoughts, actions and rituals. Huge amounts of such energy block the nerve or endocrine system (blood and glands) and it can be extremely dangerous. In a large number of patients, magic was made first, and then came a disease. In such patients, human medicine has no effect.


As radiesthesist Kovacevic explains in simple words, about 80% of all health problems are created due to excessive negative radiation, since cell mutations occur and they change the polarity, which causes problems. These cells are no longer regenerating, i.e. they do not revitalize – later on is a decline in immunity and certain health problems occur, such as: nervousness, apathy, mental disorders, dizziness, headache, heart (changes in blood pressure), respiratory organs, kidneys, urinary organs, leukemia and so on. In particular, it should be noted that exposure to harmful radiation of technical devices results in disturbances in the eyesight, hearing, nervous system, psyche… For example, scientific research in England and Japan has shown that talking on a mobile phone for 3 minutes increases brain temperature by 1 degree.

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These are really worrying data, which, according to our famous radiesthesist Dusan Kovacevic, “nobody points out”.
Examination of harmful radiation and suggestion of protective measures is something that
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