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    Neutralization of dirt from your living space (asthma & allergy free)

Rainbow cleaning system

We all, to a greater or lesser extent, want to live in a clean space. Providing you with a device, that is with a patent protection back in the year 1936 to the present day far ahead of it’s competition and above it’s category, we respectfully present to you the Rainbow cleaning system.

In environment that we live in, and that is more polluted each and every day, Rainbow is not a vacuum cleaner – it’s an investment in 20 years of healthy and clean air in your home, which you and your family will breathe.

Just some of the benefits of Rainbow:
• completely neutralizes the dirt from your living space (home or office)
average lifetime: 20 years
4 years warranty on the whole system + 4 more on the Rainbow engine itself
• recommended as good for asthmatics and people with allergies from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation (attest number 1)
• the Home appliance manufacturer’s association confirms that the Rainbow is a tested air purifier, designed to reduce the amount of air pollutants (attest number 2)
• Rainbow has satisfied the standards of carpet industry (the Carpet and rug Institute) for all three elements: removing dirt, retaining dirt and the appearance of carpets (attest number 3).

You can contact us if you need any further info or schedule a demonstration of the functionality of this cleaning system.

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rainbow vacuum cleaner

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